3D laboratory



At present, we are able to provide comprehensive measurement, creation of measurement procedures, design and production on a 3D printer using FDM technology. We perform measurements according to specific customer requirements.

Our laboratory has professional equipment, namely IMS Impact, WERTH Scope-Check, ATOS - Triple Scan II, contourograph, 3D printer PRUSA MK2 and more.

IMS Impact is a 3D measuring device which, thanks to its fully indexable head and programming options, is suitable for measuring technically complex parts of various shapes and sizes.

WERTH Scope-Check is a multisensor measuring device that combines touch and camera measurements in one task. Thanks to this combination, it is suitable for measuring tasks where it is necessary to combine the advantages of contact scanning with optical. For smaller parts, accurate measurement of even larger numbers of parts + detailed scan of small details.

ATOS - Triple SCAN II can use blue light and projection technology to create a model of the measured part, which can be completely evaluated according to specific measurement tasks. Volumes are available for measuring parts from millimeters to meters. The output of this device is a color map of the part, a classic measurement protocol, a live project for viewing or evaluation and a 3D model of the part.

The contourographer can accurately measure small profiles of parts such as plastic overflows, parting planes, burrs and irregularities.

3D printer MK2 offers printing of parts made of PETG, PLA, ABS, FLEX, etc. Thanks to this device we are able to offer design, construction and production of jigs for attaching parts for measurement, holders and supports, production of various auxiliary components for production (for robots, air conditioning , workstations), a copy of damaged parts (by scanning or redrawing the part), printing prototype parts.

If you are interested in more detailed information and a price offer, do not hesitate to contact us at omelkova@kasko.cz