Visual parts



The visual parts are our greatest domain. This becomes evident mainly at the ability to produce demanding visual parts. Owing to these reasons we cooperate on a long-term basis with prominent customers who appreciate it.

There are various visual parts in our portfolio. Below stated are some typical products.

  • middle consoles

This product is produced by machines of the biggest tonnage, we do the assembly, welding, we cut wholes,…

  • speaker covers

This is a very difficult and demanding part with regard to the delicate perforation of the cover. We also perform speaker welding in this part.

  • entrance bar

This is a slim part, it has large dimensions and delicate design, metal clips and inserts. The entrance bar can be produced as a single piece, or it can be composed of several pieces.

  • mirror covers

This type of product is very often being varnished.

  • plastic interior lining

Both appearance and functionality during the test cubing are very important in this type of product.

  • ceiling frame with a box for grasses

These types of products are very important parts of a car in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

  • beverage holder

A standard visual part which we produce for our customers

  • Armrest component

Visual part which we deliver to our customers’ compositions