Technical parts



Technical parts are usually parts of complex units, for example fuel systems, cooling systems and others.

Frequent automation within production process and control process supports the quality of production.

  • fuel system components

Fuel system components must satisfy the most demanding requirements concerning save operation. Owing to these reasons they are produced within special regimes.

  • cooling systems components

Cooling system components are being exposed to extreme temperature changes. They are made of special materials, very often containing glass fibres.

  • control unit holder

It is a part of technical units which are, together with other components, assembled to form the resulting unit.

  • cooling ventilator cover

protective elements for rotation mechanism

  • boot sunblind release

complex items of technical compositions

  • mudguards

standard and widespread functional elements

  • reinforcement of a sun shield

very difficult indented technical parts in terms of technic and construction

  • small technical parts

and many others…

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