Technological equipment




(in millions of CZK)

We are aware of the fact that investments in new technologies are investments in the future. That is the reason why we annually invest tens of millions CZK. We restore and renew our machines and appliances. We put great emphasis on new technologies in the field of automation and robotics, which helps us to move forward on the path towards higher production effectiveness.

We invest not only in the production technologies but also in supportive machines, devices and handling equipment.

  • injection machines

We produce on injection machines with the clamping force from 40 tonnes to 1 100 tonnes.

We own a 2K technology as well. The current number of injection machines is 38.

This wide range of technologies enables us to be flexible and to supply our customers with small products as well as products having large dimensions.

  • automation and robotic

Automation and robotics is a great challenge for us. This domain holds a significant position in our business strategy.

Constant increasing of effectiveness of our processes is our goal supported by more intensive assistance of automation and robotics.

  • specialized machines and fixtures

They serve for the right assembly, quality control.

These fixtures are made as single-purpose fixtures using already gained experience from the preceding production of similar products.

  • CMM department

We have a fully equipped CMM department in order to fulfil the requirements of our customers and to correctly control the process of the production.

We aim to have our measuring lab compatible with our customers´ technologies, which makes our mutual cooperation more effective.

The technological equipment of the CMM department contains both basic measuring equipment and 3D station with the corresponding SW equipment, supported by our specialized measuring technicians.

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