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We are a Czech company with a long tradition. We have been operating on the market since 1992. We provide our customers complex services in the field of development and design, production of moulds and tools, plastic mould injection, assembly and completion of parts. Our production is aimed mainly at the automotive industry.

We follow trends of our business field and we get inspired by them. We put emphasis on innovations, automation  and high-quality of performed work. Our great advantage is flexibility.


Our main asset

Number of employees (December 31st 2018):     357 employees

Annual turnover (2018):                                        37 million EUR

Global distribution:                                                You can find our products on four continents.

Knowledge:                                                            Our company was established in 1992 and since then we have gathered and we are still  gathering valuable

                                                                               information and knowledge, which constantly help us in further development. 

Inovation:                                                               We constantly invest in our development and innovations. Robotics and the innovation of processes are 

                                                                               essential for us.     



Main historical milstones:

1992                                                 establishment of the company, hired first 6 employees  .

1993                                                 commencement of production in rented premises of former agricultural cooperation

1994                                                 the first serial delivery for ŠKODA Auto assembly lineériové dodávky na linku Škoda Auto

1998                                                 certified by ISO 9002, VDA 6.1

1999                                                 construction of injection moulding shop

2002                                                 certified by ISO 14001 and EMAS

2003                                                 added certification ISO/TS 16 949

2004                                                               purchase of the former agricultural cooperation premises

2005                                                 establishment of an affiliated company - KASKO Formy s.r.o. tool shop

2007                                                 number of employees exceeded 200 people

2008                                                 the company was awarded the third place in Zlín district in a competition called ‘Štika českého průmyslu’

                                                                         recession - start of recession - reduction of production

2009                                                 commencement of the production on a 1000-tonne injection machine for a new car ŠKODA YETTI

2010                                                 commencement of a continuous operation in injection moulding shop gradual market recovery associated with     

                                                                         increase of production

2011                                                 the company was evaluated TOP 100 - the highest rating of stability - AAA excellent number of employees 

                                                                         exceeded 300 people

2012                                                 implementation of PHARIS - new information system for management of production,

                                                                         the company’s 20th anniversary (the ‘Open Day’)

2013                                                 D&B evaluation award - ‘TOP RATING’ the highest possible rating number of employees exceeded 350 people

2015                                                 new injection moulding shop 05 and assembly shop including a new stock were built purchase of the largest

                                                                         injection press with clamping force 1100-tonne.

2016                                                 launching of the first completely robotised station

2017                                                 25th anniversary of the founding of the company,

                                                                         Forbes Czech Republic has ranked us among the 111 largest family businesses in the Czech Republic

2018                                                 launching of the first automatic optical inspection of products

       The oldest photograph 1992

The entrance and the administration building 1995

     Current view 2017

Aktuální celkový pohled na areál KASKO

        Air perspective of KASKO premises


p. Zdeněk Kadlček a Ing. Antonín Kadlček

The owners of the company


Mr. Zdeněk Kadlček

Ing. Antonín Kadlček

Ing. Petr Valda, General Manager

Ing. Petr Valda

General manager

Ing. Radek Kadlček, Business Department manager

Ing. Radek Kadlček

Business Department manager

Ing. Pavel Horák, Production Department manager

Ing. Pavel Horák

Production Department manager

Ing. Ctibor Boráň, Chief financial manager

Ing. Ctibor Boráň

Chief financial manager

Ing. Marián Kusenda, Purchasing and Logistic Department manager

Ing. Marián Kusenda

Purchasing and Logistic Department manager

Ing. Kamil Bárta, Quality and Envinroment Department manager

Ing. Kamil Bárta

Quality and Environment Department manager

Ing. Richard Staněk, KASKO - Formy General Manager

Ing. Richard Staněk

KASKO - Formy General Manager

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